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22 November 13:26

RN-Vankor (an enterprise of Rosneft’s oil production complex) has saved more than 294 million kWh of electricity in five years of its energy saving programme.

07 November 17:45

«Green investments» of Bashneft, an enterprise of Rosneft Group, exceeded 4.8 billion roubles in the first nine months of 2022

03 November 17:45

Under a grant programme of the East Siberian Oil and Gas Company (part of Rosneft), employees of the Tunguska State Nature Reserve completed a season of field studies of red deer in the valleys of the Podkamennaya Tunguska and Chamba rivers in the Evenkiysky District of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

28 October 13:29

Rosneft is the general sponsor of the Egyptomania exhibition, which opened at the State Hermitage Museum.

24 October 17:41

Employees of Kondaneft (Rosneft’s production asset) planted about 750,000 seedlings of Scots pine in 2022 at more than 200 hectares in the Agansk and Surgut forest districts of Yugra

21 October 17:38

Employees of RN-Nyaganneftegaz (a production enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company) planted more than 1.4 million seedlings of Scots pine as part of the reforestation programme in 2022

20 October 17:35

The East Siberian Oil and Gas Company, a production enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company, has completed reforestation work in the Kezhemsky district of Krasnoyarsk Territory

20 October 13:34

Rosneft conducted three expeditions to hard-to-reach and poorly explored areas of the Russian Arctic in 2022 as part of the national Ecology project.

06 October 17:29

As part of Rosneft’s biodiversity conservation programme, summer field studies of the Ivory gull population in the north-eastern part of the Kara Sea were completed

05 October 11:53

In 2022, RN-Yuganskneftegaz, Rosneft’s largest production asset, released more than 41 million fry of valuable commercial fish species, including 3.9 million fry of the red-listed Siberian sturgeon, into water bodies of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District-Yugra