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Rosneft Builds Largest Polar Bear Enclosure in Russia and Europe

31 October 2022

A unique polar bear enclosure of 2,000 square metres was built with the support of Rosneft in the Royev Ruchey Park of Flora and Fauna in Krasnoyarsk. The three new enclosures are the largest and most technologically advanced of all existing in the zoos of our country and Europe. The project was implemented as part of a joint programme between Rosneft and the Wildlife Society to care for polar bears in Russian zoos.

At the moment, two enclosures have been opened at the Royev Ruchey, and finishing work is being completed on another. Recently, a young bear Marfa, whose amazing rescue story was watched by the whole country in 2019? celebrated a housewarming. The bear was brought from Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk, with the help of Rosneft, and received a continuous rehabilitation course. Another zoo visitor favourite, Ursula, who was also rescued by oil workers in 2018 near the village of Dixon, is next in line to move into a new enclosure.

The new enclosures have been designed to resemble the Arctic landscape. One-third of the space is dedicated to underwater observation pools, with a total volume of about 2,000 m3 of water and a depth of up to 4.5 m. There is an observation deck around the enclosures, from where predators can be seen from a height of five metres. The enclosures are provided with special toys to increase the animals’ physical activity. Toys for polar bears were first developed in Russia by Rosneft specialists together with the Wildlife Society; they are made from particularly durable plastic and sent annually to all the zoos participating in the custody programme.

The layout and equipment of the enclosures provide multiple functions – enclosed feeding areas, maternity lairs with temperature controllers and video cameras for monitoring and creating optimal conditions. The complex is equipped with an educational room where zoologists involved in animal care and training can conduct educational activities for schoolchildren. The enclosures are decorated with geographical and historical symbols, allowing for various guided tours and educational activities.

Today, all polar bears in Russian zoos are under the Rosneft’s care. The Company provides full range of care – proper feeding, veterinary treatment and habitat improvement for 32 polar bears in 17 zoos across the country.

Note for Editors:

As part of a joint Ecology project between Rosneft and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Company is implementing a comprehensive programme for the conservation of bio-indicator species in the Russian Arctic. The polar bear is a key one. During its complex Arctic expeditions, Rosneft is carrying out research of polar bears, using advanced technology. Animals are marked with special collars fitted with satellite transmitters to track their routes; biological samples are being taken. The results of immunological, microbiological and molecular genetic studies will make it possible to assess the health status of different sex and age groups in different habitats and to determine the degree of relatedness of individuals.

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October 31, 2022

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