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Rosneft Enterprises Implement over 500 Events for Children in 2021

01 June 2022

On the International Children’s Day, Rosneft sums up the results of its activities related to supporting children’s social projects. In 2021, the Company allocated significant funds to construct and reconstruct sports, medical, educational, musical and artistic institutions, to develop children’s and youth sports, to support large families, orphanages and social rehabilitation centres.

Under the cooperation agreements with regions of the Russian Federation, the Company implements projects for the social infrastructure development aimed at creating a friendly environment for a fulfilling life, health protection, education and upbringing of children.

Through volunteer initiatives, employees of Rosneft’s enterprises take an active part in various charitable campaigns, both nationwide and regional, targeting children, such as the New Year’s Tree of Wishes, Help to Go to School, Caps of Kindness, Christmas Tree, Spring Week of Kindness, Giving Warmth to Children, First-Grader’s Backpack, Getting Ready for School, No Child Is a Stranger, Father Christmas to Every Home, Gift for School, Father Christmas’s Gift.

In Samara Region, Rosneft funds were used to renovate the Neftyanik culture centre in Samara, with some 800 young pupils in attendance. A family swimming pool is currently being built in Samara with the participation of Rosneft.

In Novokuibyshevsk city district, a new building for school No. 3 was renovated and fully equipped. A total of 420 children in grades from 6th through 11th started studying in the new building, which has a floor space of more than 6,000 m2. The school’s classrooms are equipped with digital laboratory complexes to organise a comprehensive educational process. Now, learning is facilitated by modern multifunctional devices, video cameras, 3D printers, mannequin simulators and quadcopters. The school has an accessible environment for children with special needs, and the building is equipped with a lift for people with reduced mobility.

In March 2021, a kindergarten in Novokuibyshevsk opened its doors to 140 children. The 1961 building was completely renovated with the support of Rosneft. The Company helped to provide advanced equipment for developmental games centre, computer science, robotics and construction class, Montessori classroom, museum room, sports and music rooms, and a playground for learning traffic rules, to landscape the surrounding area, to create sports grounds with special football and basketball surfaces and outdoor fitness equipment.

Samaraneftegaz funded repair work in 16 schools in Samara Region and installed children’s playgrounds in the Kinel-Cherkassky, Neftegorsky and Pestrevsky districts. In addition, a multifunctional sports ground was opened in Samara, a climbing wall was equipped in the Borskoye settlement and a sports and recreation complex was renovated in Mirny. A major project of the year was the construction of a new building for the Children’s Art School in Otradnoye, which houses an art school for 150 students. The school has classrooms for painting, drawing, easel and decorative composition, as well as a recreation room for students and its own exhibition room. There is also a sculpture room with potter’s wheels and electric kilns for firing clay objects. The building is equipped with modern firefighting, smoke-extraction and air-conditioning systems, as well as a lift for people with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users.

In 2021, with the support of Bashneft, construction, repair and reconstruction of 11 major social facilities in various districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan continued. These include the construction of a 6,500 m2 ice arena in Oktyabrsky, the design and construction of a sports and health centre with a swimming pool in the Serafimovsky settlement in the Tuimazinsky district, the construction of three schools and a kindergarten, and the overhaul and reconstruction of several sports and educational institutions. The enterprise also commissioned the Orlyonok children’s health camp and completed the renovation of the Grenada teenage club in Ufa.

Under an agreement with the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Rosneft constructed, commissioned and equipped a building for the Small Academy of Sciences in the Chapayevo settlement in Khangalassky ulus. The three-storey, 7,000 m2 Small Academy of Sciences building is comprised of two adjacent blocks, a 150-seat educational block and a 100-bed residential block, where children will be able to live during a training shift. All conditions have been met to organise a modern educational process: advanced laboratories, a cryolithozone research and education centre, a biotechnology centre with laboratories, an IT centre, a co-working room, an assembly hall, a library with a reading room, a TV studio, sports and exercise rooms. The new building will accommodate children from major cities as well as from remote parts of the Republic. The Academy of Sciences’ centre for talented children was opened as part of the Education national project. It follows the model of the Sirius Educational Centre. This centre will become a hub for research and project work by schoolchildren across the Far East region.

RN-Uvatneftegaz has been working with the Tyumen branch of the Russian Children’s Fund for seven years, supporting various federal and regional programmes of the organisation, such as the Needs Bank for Orphans, Help for Disabled Children and Hasten To Do Good. These projects finance the treatment of disabled children and purchase furniture and clothes for orphans and children in difficult circumstances.

The East Siberian Oil and Gas Company helped the Sofiya children’s spiritual choir in Krasnoyarsk to purchase costumes for their performances. The choir is well known in the region and beyond, and has won prizes at national and international competitions for children’s church singing.

The International Book Giving Day celebration has become a good tradition. Enterprises at the Company’s Samara site (Novokuibyshevsk Refinery, Syzran Refinery, Kuibyshev Refinery, Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company, Novokuibyshev Oils and Additives Plant and Samaraneftegaz) annually donate around 3,000 new books to children and wards in Samara Region.

The Company pays special attention to children with disabilities, kids from specialised institutions and boarding schools. For these children, subsidiaries organise a variety of activities, such as theatrical performances, creative and educational competitions, quests, quizzes and relay races, aimed at the socialisation and adaptation of children with disabilities, strengthening their health and environmental education. Kuibyshev Refinery presents children and teenagers with disabilities with annual passes to concerts and performances by the Samara State Philharmonic Society. Around 500 children participate in these activities every year.

Rospan cooperates with the Miloserdiye Regional Public Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children in Novy Urengoy. Thanks to the enterprise’s support, the institution acquired the House of Owls sensory-dynamic hall in 2021.

Every year on International Children’s Day, Rosneft’s enterprises hold festive events aimed at developing a healthy lifestyle and fostering an active life and social position among children.

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June 1, 2022

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